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Winding Road

Foto: Nikolai Grasaasen

Winding Road is a bluegrass trio characterized by their low key instrumentation that puts the three part vocal harmony in the center, supported by double bass, guitar, auto-harp and mandolin. Inspired by such artists as Gillian Welch, Watchhouse and Allison Krauss & the union station, they slide harmonically and gracefully between bluegrass and Americana.

In 2018 they released their debut album “steady ground”, which many music journalists included in their lists of the top albums of 2018. The album is recorded live, the “old fashioned way”, with all three musicians in the same room, giving the the recording an authentic and unpolished character.

Winding Road is an intimate and moving concert experience of both original songs and acoustic versions of the classics.

Trine Skullestad Hølland – vocals, guitar, auto harp
Øyvind Fredriksen – vocals, guitar, mandolin
Erlend Skullestad Hølland – vocals, Double bass