Vocal workshop – Paul Kirby

Paul Kirby is a classically trained singer with bluegrass music in his blood. He is a teacher and vocal coach and has proven himself an effective guide for all who want to sing better and having fun doing it 🙂

He has an Artist Diploma in Opera Performance (Boston University) and a Masters of Management (BI Oslo).

His interest in traditional American music goes back to his youth on his parents’ farm in central Illinois and he has maintained an active career in both classical and folk music for over 35 years, having performed and recorded with Jeff Wasserman, Moving Day!, Bill Booth, Billy T, and the Oslo string trio Feleboga. He is in the process of certification for voice massage at Stemmespesialisten and is undertaking teacher certification in Timani Method at the Musician’s Health and Movement Institute in Oslo. 

As a teacher and vocal coach, he draws on a wide and varied background in musical styles and pedagogical methods and has a client list of over 25 choirs in Norway, ranging from amateurs to professionals, where he has proven himself an effective guide for all who want to sing better and have more fun doing it.

The course participants choose the songs we will cover! This will give you the opportunity to work on the things that YOU want to work on most, and will give us all the chance to learn from each other. The atmosphere is relaxed and supportive. 

This year’s course will be suited for any level of singing and will cover these basic ideas:

1. Basic harmony structure Lead, Tenor, Baritone
2. Two or three ideas about vocal hygiene, staying healthy under festival conditions
3. The physics of singing: how to find the sweet spot
4. Sound and style: why do we sing like we do.
5. Finding your ideal sound and finding songs that show you at your best

Having attended Paul Kirby’s vocal and harmony class, summer of 2017, I really feel this teacher inspires confidence and security for his students. He is dedicated and full of knowledge and experience in his field. He taught me a lot about different vocal techniques, as well as how to prepare for and deliver a performance. Due to this class and what he taught me, I have managed to overcome my stage fright and gained a lot more confidence in myself as an artist.”

Rebekka Singer/songwriter from Norway.

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