New Valley String Band

New Valley String Band is all about that Appalachian style: harmonies, groove and bluesy pentatonic scales, combined with stories from another time.

New Valley String Band will perform Friday July 8. at 08:00 – 09:00 pm.

Guitar, fiddle, banjo and voice is both the core of the American old time music and the Swedish trio, New Valley String Band. The fiddle is carrying the melodies together with the rhythmical clawhammer banjo while the guitar is keeping a steady pulse. The musicians base their music on the south Appalachian mountain traditions and have found their own way of interpreting the music after playing together for five

A concert with New Valley String Band includes a well planned mix of both energetic party-hits from the
Appalachies and emotional arrangements of ballads portraying the difficulties of life.

Lukas Pettersson Lindberg – banjo
Adam Bülow – fiddle
Michael Nyberg – guitar