Fiddle workshop – Michael Barrett Donovan

Michael Barrett Donovan is an American instrumentalist and song-writer based in Oslo, Norway. He is the lead singer and fiddle player of the band Buster Sledge, bassist in the bluegrass band Blue Tram, fiddler in the texas-swing band Benny Lee & his Country Syncopators and various others.

Do you want to learn about: how to play fiddle in different musical settings? How to play fiddle and sing at the same time? Getting invited back to jams? Different people/bands you can listen to to deepen your relationship with fiddle and fiddle culture? 

In these workshop classes you can expect instruction to suit a variety of levels (though if you are a beginner make sure you message the instructor beforehand) and interests – so you can come with questions and curiosities!

However, in the event of no questions and no curiosities we will take a look at some iconic bluegrass fiddle solos, and different American fiddle styles via learning tunes (old-time, cajun, bluegrass and maybe some Texas swing/contest fiddle). We’ll also discuss things like: playing alone, with your fiddle-friends, and with a band (of not just fiddles). 

If classical violin were the Garden of Eden you could think of American-born Michael Barrett Donovan as having eaten of the forbidden fiddle-fruit. Having spent time in New York City working professionally in the jazz and bluegrass gigging-scenes and touring with a jam-grass Grateful Dead cover-band and immersing himself since coming to Oslo in the nor-grass, old-time, Irish  and Norwegian folk music communities, Donovan enjoys learning – and learning about – different traditions as much as he enjoys combining them.

In the same way Donovan has taken his university education in classical composition on the road writing songs for his band Buster Sledge (by either doing composer-y things – or ignoring them entirely), he enjoys approaching fiddling from a place of including and excluding classical technique. Straight wrist or bent wrist: both have strengths and situations in which they are more appropriate. Different bow holds: no right or wrong answers, just different sounds and strengths. 

Michael can also be seen around town playing a solo-show on guitar and fiddle singing traditional American story-songs, so watch out! 

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