Practical information

For those who are traveling by public transportation
Link to for railway timetable:

Important information for this year’s camp participants
The camping area is not suitable for caravans or recreational vehicles, but it is possible to pull combi-camps down to the grassy area. Cars must be parked at the main building or at the parking lot by Gulsrud Church a couple of hundred meters away from the camping area.

We offer both tent space and indoor accommodation. Toilet facilities and showers are indoors.

It is also possible to rent a quadruple indoor room.

At Gulsrud camp there are mainly quadruple rooms with two bunk beds in each room. You will have to choose between a bed or a whole room when you book indoor accommodation. Strenger i Gress will be in charge of room distribution, and will follow the wishes of the campers at the best of our ability. There are toilet facilities and shower rooms in each bedroom hallway.

Order accommodations here: Accommodation 2018

  • It is only possible to order accommodation for one person at a given time, since we need full name and other information for each guest. This is due to fire security.
  • If you wish to share room with one or more people, or have special needs, please send an email to Laila Kynningsrud at
  • We cannot promise that we have the opportunity to follow up each and every wish, but will try at best will.
  • Please send us a message if you bring children from 0-15 years, as they can stay for free.

Breakfast is sold every morning from Wednesday to Saturday, dinner from Tuesday to Saturday.

There will be sold food and drinks (soda, mineral drinks, beer, wine) during the concerts at Friday and Saturday. A grill will also be fired up in the evening for anyone to use except during the concerts Friday and Saturday.

Car parking
The parking at this year’s camp will be at Gulsrud Leirsted and Fjordvåg Grendehus as a first come, first served basis. Fjordvåg Grendehus is located around 1.5 kilometers from the camp in the direction of Vikersund. We wish that as many people as possible park at Fjordvåg, as there are limited parking spaces at Gulsrud.

NB! We have to make as much parking space as possible at Gulsrud on Friday and Saturday for the concert attendees. The cars have to be moved to either Gulsrud Chuch (located around 1 kilometer from the camp in the direction of Sylling) or at Fjordvåg Grendehus.

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There are limited tickets to the concert nights at Friday and Saturday.
Click here to buy tickets.



– Adults: 950 kr (ticket fee not included)
– Youths/students 500 kr (ticket fee not included)

Concert tickets

– Wednesday (The concert at Fjordvåg Grendehus): 100 kr
– Thursday (The church concert): 150 kr (ticket fee not included)
– Friday: 300 kr (ticket fee not included)
– Saturday: 200 kr (ticket fee not included)


– Single bed: 220 kr per person per night (ticket fee not included)
– Room with four bunk beds: 880 kr per night (ticket fee not included)

– 180 kr per night (ticket fee not included)
Camp pass

– 200 kr per person

This is for every person who attends as an overnight guest at the bluegrass camp.

Strenger i Gress is a charitable organization based on volunteer work. This festival fee helps us to carry out the operation of the festival.

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