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Downhill Bluegrass Band

This Swedish band hardly needs an introduction, being one of the best known and well respected bands in Europe. They have been invited multiple times to play at the IBMA awards in Nashville, due to their unique sound and their skills both as instrumentalists and song writers.

Downhill Bluegrass Band was formed by Jonas and Kenneth Kjellgren with the intentions to play traditionally rooted bluegrass with a contemporary flair. Sharing the same musical ideas and sources for inspiration they started to play together in 1998.

Since then, they have made five releases, the latest being the EP “the final draft”, consisting of solely original songs by Jonas Kjellgren and Christoffer Olsson.

It is their first time playing at Strenger i Gress, and we are thrilled to make this new acquaintance!

Jimmy Sunnebrandt – Double bass
Jonas Kjellgren – Mandolin og vocals
Christoffer Olsson – Guitar og vocals
Mat Kane – Fiddle
Kenneth Kjellgren – Banjo