«Bluegrassify a Friend»

We want to grow our wonderful Bluegrass Family and as a step towards accomplishing that, we launch our recruitment campaign «Bluegrassify en Venn» this summer, which translate into «Bluegrassify a Friend» in English.

A little bird has whispered in our ears that you have a couple of buddies who listens to beautiful banjo music behind closed doors when no one is watching and that all of you have a lot of friends that actually don`t know yet that Strenger i Gress Bluegrass Festival is the highlight of the summer!

For each person you recruit, you will get two vouchers (called «Bong») worth 200 NOK each. The only condition is that you have been at the festival one of the two last years and that the person you bring along has not participated on our festival at the Gulsrud location before. The person you bring along needs to pay for at least two nights at the camp.

To summarize:

  • Your friend needs to be a new paying participant at the Strenger i Gress Bluegrass festival at Gulsrud
  • You, the recruiter, has participated in one of the last two festivals
  • Your friend needs to pay for at least two nightsYou, the recruiter, get 2 vouchers (total value 400,-) per new friend you bring along
  • The vouchers (bonger) can be used on food and beverages at the festival and will be handed out when you check-in.

Welcome to both new and «old» friends! 🙂