Lineup 2018

Wednesday – 11th of July
Camp concert with Strengeplukk
 Concerts at Fjordvåg Grendehus
Winding Road
Tre vikarer i ein trio

Thursday – 12th of July
Camp concert with Gisle Harr
: Church concert at Gulsrud church with Silver Lining (NO)

Friday – 13th of July
Festival night at Gulsrud leirsted
Kirby/Jonassen (NO)
Brokeland Bullets (NO)
Jeff Scroggins & Colorado (US)

Saturday – 14th of July
13:00: Children concert with Blåstrå (NO)

18:00: Festival night at Gulsrud leirsted
Open mic
Cross Island Porch Band (DK)



Bluegrass in the West is known for incorporating progressive influences, but few bands have perfected a blend of deep tradition and trailblazing like Jeff Scroggins & Colorado. The band brings together brilliant musicianship with powerhouse Appalachian vocals, solid and energetic rhythm, and an easy stage banter that has delighted listeners all over the world. Fronted by internationally acclaimed two-time National Banjo Champion ​Jeff Scroggins. Scroggins is joined by his son, the preternaturally gifted young mandolinist and 2017 IBMA Award winner Tristan Scroggins. The band’s vocalist Greg Blake grew up in West Virginia, and when he sings, you can hear a voice that connects to the great old generations of mountain singers, invested with a rich twang and the kind of eerily powerful cry that first inspired the ‘high, lonesome sound. Fiddler Ellie Hakanson was a 2017 IBMA Momentum Award nominee and legendary bassist and two time IBMA bass player of the year Mark Schatz round out this powerful and exciting cast. Their fourth CD is set for release in July 2018 on Patuxent Music.

The band will also do this year’s workshops in banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin and up-right bass 11th-13th of July. They are also headliners of the first festival night on the 13th.

Two high-strung banjos, played by high-strung banjo players with vocals to match. Similar instruments and different playing styles – Paul Kirby’s classic Appalachian old-time clawhammer/frailing style banjo playing meets Mikael Jonassen’s frenetic modern bluegrass style. The modal harmonies and steadfast mountain rhythms from clawhammer merge with the continuously expanding universe of syncopated melodic three finger style banjo playing to a mesmerizing, yet minimalistic wall of banjo sound. Combined with the high and lonesome tenor voices of the two performers, the musical landscape of a rural Southern village in the 50s gets a modern European stroke of paint.

Paul Kirby – banjo/vocals
Mikael Jonassen – banjo/vocals

This band formed in 2014 after a few bluegrass jam sessions in Copenhagen. The band is mainly Danish, but has members from Sweden and Italy included, and all of them are experienced musicians, and has played bluegrass for several years. A lot of them have also experience in several related genres, like Irish folk music, zydeco, folk, rock, rockabilly and country.

Their style is called crossover grass, where they may play songs from the aforementioned genres, but place them in the beautiful style that is bluegrass.

The band consist of the following people:

Brian Nohr Korsholm: Mandolin and vocals
Finn Jacobsen: Flatpicking guitar
Magnus Edring: 5-string banjo
Paolo Molinari: Up-right bass
Tommy Sloth: Dobro, harmonica and vocals

In January, the Americana-quartet Silver Lining released their debut-EP on Vestkyst Records. “I’ll Be Waiting for You (in the Grey)” received a warm reception, and the single “Grey” has since been streamed over 600.000 times on Spotify.

Silver Lining was a hit early in Oslo, and has played on Norwegian Wood, KlubbØya and Camp Indie, in addition to supporting jobs for Ryley Walker, Laura Gibson and Brent Cobb. The release of the EP was followed by a mini-tour that brought the band new fans in, the east, west and north.

Silver Lining consists of Stine Andreassen and Bjørnar Ekse Barndseth of The Northern Belle, and Live Miranda Solberg and Halvor Falck Johansen from Rattlers. These four musicians found the tone in mutual fascination of Gillian Welch then they interpreted her album “Soul Journey” at The Crossroad Clubs “Sunday Classics”-concept in 2014. They have since made their own sound: With the sound between guitar and vocals in focus, Silver Lining creates a melodious and harmonic base for their melancholic and dramatic written universe.

Blåstrå is a bluegrass trio created in collaboration with “Den kulturelle skolesekken” (The cultural backpack) in Telemark in 2015. They have played and toured in over 90 kindergartens in eastern Norway, and played at several bluegrass festivals and concert halls all over the country.

Blåstrå has written funny, Norwegian words on old, traditional bluegrass melodies. With banjo, guitar, up-right bass and three-way vocals, they take the kids on a bluegrass journey to their favorite places in an active and audience friendly concert experience.

The children’s album “Sanger fra fjerne fjell” (Songs from mountains far away) was released in the summer of 2017, which can be found on iTunes, Spotify and



Brokeland Bullets is a country/bluegrass band based in Oslo and performs self-made songs in Nynorsk and English. Brokeland always creates good vibes with acoustic instruments and multi-voice harmony song.

Texts and melodies are inspired by a wide spectrum of well-known and dear country, bluegrass and folk artists. Inspirations are the likes of Hank Williams heart warmth, Bill Monroes vocal harmonies, Ennio Morricones western style and Odd Nordstogas musically charm.

The band has released two studio albums and toured both in and outside of Norway. Brokeland has played on Norwegian festivals like, Seljord Country, Vinstra and Risør Bluegrassfestival to name a few. They have also toured Europe twice, and have also been named the second best bluegrass band in 2014 at EWOB in the Netherlands.

Winding Road is a bluegrass/country trio which is inspired by close harmonies, acoustic sounds and melancholic lyrics. Two of the band members have formerly played together in Sweet Marie, where they got to develop on instruments, vocals and as songwriters.

The band plays guitar, mandolin, autoharp and up-right bass, but the main ingredient are the vocals. The band is currently in studio to record their debut album – which releases later this year!

Trine Skullestad Hølland – Vocals, guitar, autoharp
Øyvind Fredriksen – Vocals, guitar, mandolin
Erlend Skullestad Hølland – Up-right bass, vocals

Strengeplukk has since 2015 done several concerts throughout the Norwegian country. They have played at bluegrass, rock and jazz festivals, community centers and pubs. They have been to Kristiansand, Svalbard, Copenhagen, and participated in the European World of Bluegrass (EWOB) in the Netherlands. They have currently released an EP and a single, and they intend to release their first full-length album in 2018 – consisting exclusively of self-written songs. The band delivers songs written and performed in resounding sogning – a beautiful Norwegian dialect. The set lists also includes original instrumentals inspired by many different genres, but remains true to the graceful bluegrass nerve at the core.

Gisle Harr skriver egne låter på norsk inspirert av bluegrass/americana og er for tiden i sluttspurten med sin første soloplate. Han har spilt med ulike bluegrass- og country- konstellasjoner, bl.a. Lasso Elastique, Little Maggies og Rosenhoff Rodeo. Låtene er dels humoristiske, sorgmuntre og selvbiografiske.